Whoever Said: ‘Your Youth is Yours’ Was Clearly White: Young and Black in the UK

White Privilege is your parent giving you £10 when you’re 1 year old and telling you they’re giving it you because you’re white, and then giving you £10 every day over the course of your life.
But by 25 you’ve forgotten the reason you get £10 and when people tell you it’s unfair that you get this £10 for the reason you get it, you say to the people poorer than you ‘what are you talking about? This is just my daily pocket money’
White Privilege is real, you just take it for granted cause you’ve always had it, and assume you are in the same situation as everyone else. And let me say, ain’t nobody trying to take your £10 a day away. We just want ours too.


The £10 doesn’t represent money, neither is white privilege the same as privilege. The £10 is respect, it’s living without negative assumptions, it’s being able to walk into a room without having to prove your worth again largely negative stereotypes. The £10 is a social currency.
You could do everything right, get the highest marks throughout education, apply for jobs and get refused because your name is too black. And while mainstream media still portrays us as thugs and criminals, or black people with erased culture, we’ll always be put into those two categories.
It’s locking up black people for being caught with a couple of bags of weed. While white guys are making millions through cannabis and releasing tv shows about cooking with weed. While the black people involved in the war on drugs are still sat in prison for doing the same thing, due to the fact that they didn’t have any other option if they wanted to provide for their families and get their children into good areas to get into good schools.
It’s the school catchment areas which stated that if you wanted to go to a particular school, you had to be in the area of that school, then moving black people into the areas that needed the most work, had the worst infrastructure and built the worst schools in the area with the worst pay so only the worst teachers worked there. Meaning black children we’re always less educated than white people unless the taught themselves outside of school.
It’s me at 11 years old on my first residential trip, getting ready to go swimming, while my roommates sprayed each other with deodorant until one of them sprayed it in another’s eye, and the teacher coming in and automatically thinking it was me who was the troublemaker. It’s me being sent home for something I not only didn’t do but wasn’t involved in.
It’s that day when the white kids found out that they could blame the black kid for anything they did wrong and the teacher would automatically believe him.
It’s the day I got good marks for my SATS and my teacher trying to make me re-sit them because he was convinced I cheated because black people couldn’t score high on tests.
It’s my mom being called into school, not because I’d misbehaved, but because I smelt like spicy food and the other kids had complained to their moms.
It’s being stopped and searched more times than I can count.
It’s being STRIPPED AND SEARCH when you’re in a nightclub because people have been asking you for drugs all night and the bouncers are convinced you have drugs on you.
It’s being mistaken for every single other black person because you all look the same.
It’s everyday, it’s relentless, and it’s the emotional hardships that really break a kid, who want to believe the world he lives in is good and kind, and actually has to face the fact that he’s a scapegoat, a lesser human, and will amount to nothing unless he found a way to do it on his own.


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