Honestly Speaking: Work>Life Balance

So these two weeks at Flatpack have somehow gone by in the blink of an eye, it somehow seems to be the case that the harder you work/the more you have to do, the faster the time goes. I’m still trying to weigh up if this is a good thing or a bad thing.
I’m also still trying to get a handle on having a life outside of work. While I was unemployed and volunteering, I regularly thought to myself, I could work and be happy with just that, as long as I was working towards something that I truly loved. Of course in reality, this is not the case, despite how much you love something, everyday is not a ‘good’ day, some days you are taking the reigns of a film based event whilst other days you’re doing data entry. The key, I guess is to have that perfect work/play balance. And here I don’t mean working all week and then getting fucked on your inebriator (i’m coining this word BTW) of choice. All in the pursuit of literally getting fucked/fucking. I guess I mean the perfect balance of things you enjoy, that won’t derail your work ethic on the weekdays. Personal practice is a good idea, but in reality again, the last thing you want to do after a week of film focused organising is go out and shoot a film. You can barely get yourself to sit through and entire film, and stick to American TV drama’s. if you’re going to go out, do it on Friday night, give yourself Saturday to recover and then spend Sunday indulging. That’s the combo, I’ve settled on. Or I would have if I didn’t have a whole flat to decorate Gym after work every evening to prevent being body shamed by my fellow gays and washing to be done without a washing machine…


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