Honestly Speaking: Disability in the Workplace

Two words people tend to be scared of putting in a sentence together. I want to be frank.

Over the course of the few weeks I’ve faced several situations which I have overcome, purely because I had to, as a person with psychosis I am extremely susceptible to paranoia and loud noise around me, especially in the form of voices makes me slow and uncomfortable. I regularly get distracted by conversations I shouldn’t be listening to, only to realize that I haven’t done what I was supposed to be doing and it’s ten minutes later.

Here’s the truth. Working within industry is going to be harder for you as a disabled person than anyone else around you. Even the small things become a chore. But you get over it by getting used to it. Literally that is all it is. You give it some time, and things get better. Don’t moan or complain, because all that does is demotivate everyone else working with you, and in all honesty, everybody else is working on something, they don’t want to stop and help you while there in the middle of there own task. Of course when you’re stuck on something in the beginning of your employment, things are a bit different everyone needs to learn.
The simple fact is, about 80% of workplaces aren’t suited for employees with disabilities, and you’ll feel that everyday. EVERY SINGLE DAY in some way. But while your disability isn’t your fault, it’s also not the companies problem as despite your disability, you are still required to do the job and do it well.
Suck it up. And rely on your community and personal support network to get you through it, and I swear in about 2 months, you’ll wonder what was even the problem. Because with enough determination, you find ways to overcome the things that hold you back. Things just fall into place.


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