Taste & Liquor x 21 Milk St: No.21

If you ever find yourself in Digbeth on a Friday evening there’s only one place you should go.

Taste and Liquor aren’t exactly new to Birmingham. Remember the almighty Pizza Festival here last year? Yep I bet you do. They’ve been bring delicious selections of street food to Birmingham for a while now. That said they are the pioneers of hospitality here, working with iconic brands such as Topshop, Deutsche Bank, Tia Maria music, East End Foods and HSBC. At its heart is a close-knit team of friends creating street food havens at different venues for us lucky souls to sample. But with the launch of No.21, Taste and Liquor just surpassed themselves. Featuring a rotating menagerie of tasty morsels and cocktails that could convince the most controlled of us to have ‘just one more’ No. 21 located on Milk St is sure to dominate Friday evening for foodies from Ladywood to Sutton Coldfield.
In a space that suits the brand so comfortably it couldn’t be anywhere else, and boasting a makeshift living room so snug it feels like you should take your shoes off, and large round tables, perfectly sized to encourage a social atmosphere, this new space is sure to be a hit.
Every Friday the Street food vendors at No.21 Milk St change. This week, the geniuses behind the alluring smells and comforting taste of Boxfood whose Rice ‘n’ Peas and Curry Mutton is so good it reminds me of my childhood and dumpling and dips as cheap as chip at £2.50. The also had a range of Grill Brazil also reigned, as the smells of authentic Brazilian cuisine wafted downstairs to where Pizza Di Bruno served me the perfect crust and tomato sauce of dreams that you’d expect from authentic wood fired pizza. Other stalls were littered around the venue but it was all accentuated by a bar willing to cater to your every craft beer and cocktail needs.
Everyone was in high spirits with full bellies and drinks in hand, the chatter could be heard from outside. From now on I’ll be saving a tenner for foodie Friday’s at No. 21 Milk St. Roll on next Friday


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