Honestly Speaking: Racism in the 21st Century

I still find it crazy how some white people view black people. Like dark shadows that rely on white light to exist, when the truth is, the only shadows we harbour, we had to liberate ourselves from. As you cast us out of your sight to ease your own guilt, a guilt that comes from the lack of responsibly history has taken for the wrongs that have been corrected but not yet righted. This world may be ours. But you’re blinded by your own shadowless light if you think that this world is EQUALLY ours.
Historically hoarding knowledge from the coloured sections in libraries that we also paid taxes for, and spewing idiotic terms like old money to distinguish it from new money, the only type of rich that black people were afforded while disguising the fact that the extravagances of old money was shaped from the sweat off our backs and the blood we spat from grinding our teeth from dusk until dawn because the weight we carried was to much for us to bear both figuratively and literally. Whips and chains, lead to music that we used to escape. Sad songs of god and humility that were ripped from our lips and churned into profit for a fairer audience, when fairness was not and is not what we were shown. Packed in ships from our motherland where we were starved to the point we had to eat one another’s shit for sustenance to be able to make the journey, only to get dysentery and be met with the only peace we’d find for a further 100 years.
And the oppressors decide what is right and wrong, eliminate slavery but pay us a slaves wage for the jobs we used to do when we were in shackles with no prospect of improvement. No hope.

Resilience is in our DNA, now the plantations have been traded for prisons, that we are kept in for crimes we’ve committed to stay alive outside a corrupt predisposed system that ironically favours the fairer skin . War on drugs. Drugs that slowly become legalized and are found to aid in the symptoms of illness. The calendar pages pull away to the present and you congratulate yourself in the name of progress that isn’t really there.
Clambering to create our own institutions only to be met with shouts that we’re being divisive.

What is right, Who is right? Isn’t ‘Right’ what history dictates?
The same history that led us here, to this broken and dismembered world? The same history written by the winners of wars? Written in a time where we weren’t taught to read or write?
And the more vocal we are, the more conservative the western world becomes, the more milk wielding racist spewing hate and bile are accepted as part of todays society.
Racism starts with you, and it ends with you.
Racism is in the things you accept and what you choose to reject.

Racism is Ignorance
Racism is Ignorance
Racism is ignorance
So don’t ignore it.


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