The Dirty Truth About White Privilege

This is the last time I’m going to write about race to a white audience specifically, because it hurts. It hurts because it’s not my job as a black person to write about person’s prejudices towards me to help them become aware of the ugly truth of society. It hurts because while I write I think about all my pain, and all their pain and I crumple and fold, I’m strong but I crumple and fold and bend and sob, and these sobs tear from my throat with pain unimaginable to anyone who hasn’t lived it. I’m not asking white people to overstand, they never could, just to understand

If you still don’t get it, I feel sorry for you at this point.
What with the 100 year long peace, with most of you thinking that you have no involvement whatsoever in the atrocities of the past and silently saying to yourselves over and over that if you’d have been alive back then, you would have been on the right side of history.
Your wrong, mainly because the only reason you’d have chosen the correct/right side of history is due to the fact that history itself teaching you what was wrong and right. History is the moral,
Using #alllivesmatter or arguing about what racism is, is you on the wrong side of history, this now is history, because #blacklivesmatter doesn’t mean only black lives matter, us grieving for fellow black or POC people that have the same struggles as us doesn’t make us divisive and arguing with us about racism if you’re white is like telling a surgeon how to use a scalpel even though you’ve had no medical teaching or training.
White people have to accept on simple yet hard truth, that to abolish racism, along with the subconsciously racist white privilege, white people have to relinquish some of the things they’ve taken for granted over their lifetimes.
Whenever you see an all white film cast and think it’s okay, that’s white privilege. Thinking that the default is white is something even I do, because the world has trained us to do it. It’s not representative of the world, and never has been. Black people and other POC didn’t just appear one day, we’ve always been here. Just as long as white people have.
We may have been edited out of history and white-washed from the forefront of evolutionary discovery and science to where we are now as a species, but we were very present, you just have to look a little harder for information when it comes to us. After all, history is often written to benefit the winners.
If you consider inherent wealth as a sign of status, you’re racist, because while generations of white people have had the chance to accumulate money and pass it down from generation to generation, we’ve only had 100 years, to make up for your thousands. Our first freed ancestors aren’t even dead yet, or if indeed they are, that’s one generation of hard earned money, and with inheritance tax, when the amount of money we receive could be considered equitable, it’ll have a quarter of it snatched. Old money is white money.
If you are the dickhead that hires the black guy to fill a diversity quota and pats yourself on the back for it, thinking you’re ‘being the change you want to see in the world’ you’re racist, because that self congratulatory attitude means that it took a quota for you to see that we’re just as employable as white people and you appraised us by our skin color.
If you’re that idiot that clutches her purse a little tighter or feels their pulse quicken when they see a black guy in a hoodie, then you’re racist. Do I even need to explain?
If you think that people are using ‘the race card’ to get out of things that seem uncomfortable, well, that’s more ignorant than racist, because who are you to say what does, and what doesn’t feel like racism to another race? Don’t assume anything, you are not us
If you’re one of those brainless sheep shouting about positive discrimination and how white people can be the victim of racism then you’re naïve. the latter is true, but only on a personal level, if someone is being racist towards you and you’re white you can bet they’ve encountered severe racism and are trying to pass the buck of pain to you, or it’s a personal discrimination, but when the world has a white default you will never face the discrimination a black person experiences. When they leave the house on their way to work in a nice car and gets glares, or stopped by the police, when they get into work to ‘yo’ and ‘homie’ when they get a promotion to the urban division instead of VP, when they go home and watch the news to find video footage of an unarmed black man being shot, while being told by the white world that #bluelivesmatter, even though there’s only been one known retaliation to the countless (over 300) black lives taken by the police this year so far to then go to sleep knowing that at least half the encounters they’ll experience in their life had race play some part in.
This is a black person figurative shackle.
And as for positive discrimination. If two women are sitting at a table and one has thirteen and the other has seven, what do you do to make things equal? You take cards until they have equal amounts. But one woman still loses three cards and other gains three. Because of the finite amount of opportunities, it may feel like you’re losing something, but in actual fact it should have never been seen as ‘yours,’ that entitlement, is white privilege. And here’s the thing, if those women, then give the cards to their children, they’ll both still have equal amounts, only, they’ll never have experienced the inequality, meaning, they’ll harbor none of the resentment, none of the hate, they’ll just be equal
You see, racism isn’t just shouting ‘nigga’ out of your window and spiting in a black guys face and telling him he’s a monkey. Racism is when your mind automatically goes to crime when you hear ‘black man’ or angry when you hear black woman. Racism is needing to use the word interracial for ANYTHING, racism is porn search for black pussy, or big black dick, racism is one you go black you never go back, racism is thinking that you’re doing us a favour by hiring one of us when really we have more experience than the other candidates.
I’m no saint, I have racism in me, subconscious racism that I have to check inside myself everyday, but being gay and black the majority of stick I’ve gotten through out my life is from black people, but when I understand that that’s because black cultures see homosexuality as taboo more frequently than white culture I had to confront my biases.
And if you’re white and trying to argue with me, a black man, about racism, chances are, you’re racist. Because what reason could you possibly have to call me out on something I KNOW because I’ve LIVED, whilst you’ve just read, usually books and articles written by rich white people using subjective statistics to prove a point that usually takes some kind of dig at black people.
And you know what that’s called, right?


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