When Will White People Stop Negating Our Pain

Most people explain this incorrectly as far as I’m concerned. It’s not that black lives have more sorrow.Because everyone experiences emotions by the things that have shaped their lives, the depth of sorrow that I feel about racism may be the same depth of sorrow that a rich kid of Beverly Hills feels about losing his/her favourite pair of diamond earrings in the sea. You cannot feel my struggle that way because you haven’t lived it.

Instead look at it this way, it’s not that we have more sorrow or indeed deeper sorrow, in our lives. It’s that we have less positivity, so we have less happiness and joy. We live lives that are always pushing against us so we have less time to focus on the now because have to prepare for the later. We already have the odds stacked against us and adversity at every turn, so instead of that holiday in summer, we have to work that week in order be be on par with you in the eyes of others. because we can’t afford to feel that until we’ve reached our goals. And we never know when the hand of prejudice will unjustly snatch away all we’ve been working for, or livelihoods and by extension our entire life’s work. Taken because of an aversion to our skin colour, which apparently makes us stand out in a country we’re only in because we were stolen from our own and brought here against our wills, to become instrumental in the evolution of this country and the western way by being used as slaves to build while we broke, an empire for a country that treated and still treats us in some instances, inhumanely. Think about that for a moment. I mean really think about it, not just sit there in silence and pretend to think about it, while you silently distract yourself with anything you can.

And then try and say something as dumb as ‘slavery was ages ago, nobodies racist anymore, it’s history, let it go’ while appropriating the creativity produced by our pain, to be successful and shooting us by the side of the roads, and incarcerating us in prisons for minor crimes to work for companies as free labour because the prisons are privately owned

it’s easy to say when you are literally living on the work, skeletons of our race created.

We don’t think we’re worth more than you, but we didn’t condemn your race as a nation and despite our growing power we still haven’t.

I don’t blame you for what happened then. I blame you for not working with us to fix the effects of it now. You say you’d never done what they did back then, but isn’t pretending there was no problem, instead of listening to the people affected by what happened then, exactly how slavery was considered acceptable by the world before?

Change isn’t easy and it isn’t comfortable, but what matters in this world isn’t iPhones, MacBooks, android, or money, clothes, celebrity, drugs, casual sex or entertainment, 

what matters is your life and the lives around you.


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