Keyboard Politicians

I’ve seen a lot of post on social media like ‘Why is everybody suddenly a politician.’
Let me tell you why this is dumb as fuck.

Politics affects every person in every household, so people interested and therefore engaging in the conversation about politics should be applauded.
When you engage is something, you form an opinion about it, not just with politics, but also with anything.

Social media these days is the first contact point for anyone wishing to share their thoughts and feelings, as well as the occasional unnecessary status update about some triviality like how dark their black coffee was that morning, but whatever.

British politics have altered all our lifestyles in one way or another, and with a once in a generation vote to leave Europe, a disgraced resigned prime minister being replaced by an unelected gay-hating female, the labour party trying to overthrow their leader, the obvious fact that our government is money driven and therefore corrupt, the lack of democracy apart from when we are forced into it, the biased media using subtly weighted words in regular intervals to sway the general population and the hundreds of other ridiculous things currently going on, is it any wonder that people have an opinion.
If you don’t have an opinion, it’s you that should feel ashamed.


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