Dear White People

I am not your chocolate anything. Period.
Just because we are friends, doesn’t mean you can say, sing or write the word ‘nigga’ in any context

‘Wog’ anything makes me want to slap you.

You will never understand the struggles of growing up black, even if we grew up in the same neighborhood, went to the same university and are currently on the same wage.

Telling me that racism doesn’t exist is willfully ignorant. Just because you haven’t seen a dog owner kick their dog, doesn’t mean that they aren’t secretly abusing their animal
Telling me to ‘let go’ of my cultural past, and live in the now, will end our communication immediately. My life is constantly affected by the past, be it the way my parents raised me because of the horrors they endured whilst growing up or even the residual, systematic and institutional racism that exists because of the past.


It’s okay if talking about racism makes you uncomfortable. It means you understand right from wrong.

We don’t blame you personally for slavery, stop being defensive, we just want wrongs to be righted and that starts by being honest and open.

Don’t call me a bounty or any variation of that word. Racial discrimination doesn’t care if I’m well spoke or ‘act too white to be properly black.’ Whatever the fuck that means.
Like your race, some black people do wrong, but it’s not any more or less than the percentage of any other race that too, do wrong. We are not thugs, sexual deviants, drug dealers, violent or thieves. We are people.
Saying that we use the ‘race card’ to often will get you slapped. We talk about race when it’s relevant.

If you disagree with us on an opinion we have about racism, race, generalization or discrimination, speak your mind politely, and allow is to explain why your wrong. Remember, we’ve lived it, you’ve only glimpsed it.


Do join the conversation. One race standing up for what is right is somehow seen as an uprising. All races standing up for what is right, leads to change.



In the process of evening out the playing field, you will find you have less than before, but that’s only because you had so much in comparison before. In all likelihood you’ll probably still have more. Think about this one hard. ‘Positive discrimination’ is inevitable when trying to equalize anything finite.


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