Excerpt from my book.

We were completely blind to it, those of us affected had an inclining of what was going on but for the most part, the United Kingdom chose ignorance over enlightenment. The tide changed when private emails between the key players in parliament were leaked on the Internet, revealing that the cuts to allowances of the most vulnerable people in out country in the name of Austerity were actually a small part of something bigger. An attempt to cull the population by targeting what the power figures of our country considered to be ‘the most expendable.’ After all, most disabilities are hereditary. After the documents were leaked, the disabled and mentally ill tried to rise up and topple the government. Along with a few sympathisers, they barely broke the millions in number and after failing to make a difference our worst fears were confirmed. That we were powerless against the establishment built for our benefit, and that the majority of people do not care about things that don’t affect them. Of course the larger problem was that with the rise of capitalism and consumerism, the only people with a voice that mattered, a monetary voice, didn’t want the way we lived to change, and so nothing did. The cuts stopped of course, but by them around half of the disabled and mentally ill population was flushed out, along with the people from low-income backgrounds and refugees. The police became corrupt, and personal prejudices bled into the enforcement of the law. Other countries ignored what was happening for as long as they could, and when the discord became to great, they sat by and simply reported what was happening. After all we were no longer part of the European Union, we had foolishly believed the subtle propaganda that had filled our television screens telling us we were ‘Better of as Britain’. We had become insignificant, if they could ignore the suffering and corruption in Africa and South America, then we were inconsequential. Eventually the rest the world grew bored with the scandal.
I think it was the public’s failure to make change happen when the evidence of wrongdoing was so, well, evident, that sparked the next wave of attacks. With basic morality discarded in such a public and open way, hate groups became active, emboldened by the lack of consequence from the governments mass genocide. Their attacks had evolved from the days of taking to the streets and targeting individuals that fit their profile.
Tom, a good friend and sometimes colleague, saw this coming, He moved out of our house to investigate the hate groups, filming them in secret.
As we evolved so did our means to destroy one another. Now people from privilege were living without the fear of ‘god’ or repercussions, advanced science lead to a way to map a person’s origins through their DNA, and history allowed us to track the origins of race. It wasn’t long before viruses were engineered to target specific races. Luckily, Tom and I were able to get out of the city before ‘The First Cleansing’ as they called it, Tom posted the footage he had gotten on the dark web, now the only internationally accessible internet from the UK.

By the time the rest of the world saw fit to get involved it was too late.


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