Dear Helen Hayes (Labour MP)

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Dear Helen Hayes,

I’m writing this letter because I genuinely fear for my freedom, rights and financial well-being under this Government.
I’m not alone in feeling like this, people from my community and a lot of the other friends I’ve amassed along my short time living in this world.
I am a twenty-five-year-old gay male living in London and dealing with a daily battle of psychosis. and when there are so many other issues I have to deal with, the last thing I want is to feel abandoned by my country. Especially when i come from a low income background and do not have the support from parents or siblings due to being estranged when i came out as gay
I’ve supported the petitions, I’ve participated in the protests (despite the auditory hallucinations and visual hallucinations getting worse is busy and crowded places) and still can see that nothing is being done. Moreover, as far as I can see the public’s voice is being muted while the current MPs (albeit not them all) continue to put changes in place that will, at some point result in the death of some of the most inescapably vulnerable people in Britain, the disabled and the sick.
After reading replies from the petitions with over a quarter of a million signatures tell me they can’t take our problems into consideration, due to the fact that law states that the way the question was asked means it doesn’t warrant a debate in the house of commons, I’m writing to simply ask one question, is there any feasible way to change the current government in terms of its majority political party and/or it’s very clear agenda. For us, the people to call for a re-election without insighting violence and riots? Because to me, and a lot of my fellow peers WITHOUT psychosis, it feels like the disabled and sick are being culled.
Rico Johnson

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