The Problem Hasn’t been Fixed

There is nothing exceptional in me.

Sometimes I feel like I’m going to disappear.

Living in the 21st century, 7 billion people and I’m still so lonely
Music is my only true vice

Music is as pure to me as life, when made right,

Drugs, and cigarettes I could quit

But after all these years I’m just so used to it, i couldn’t shake the feeling that something was missing

My ‘friends’ they say

‘Lets hang someday’, but then when the phone line is disconnected, so is our connection

Friday comes and it’s me alone in the capital of one of the smallest nations in the world, yet I still feel like I’m drowning in a vast sea of manufactured identities,

Pasted bold and inaccurate, in all kinds of slangs from a million and one different lexicons, traded almost seamlessly across the Internet.
So drugs are what I use to bring an illusion of richness to my otherwise lackluster routine life.

I lose myself in Netflix, following plot twists, only having to be here in moments,

The rest of the time I’m where ever the storyline takes me.


Showering seems a lost cause, and, my bed seems so welcome, I don’t even leave it,

Let the warm lights from the flickering screen wash my skin, as I curl up, wrapped in,
my duvet, a new way, to waste a day, or two,
is dose my self up on codeine, and have those slightly sweeter dreams,

But then my rent is due, and I have no food, and so I barely make it to the Friday, where I’m paid, and at it again.
Sometimes I wonder if I’m really alive or living, as the dreams blur into daylight, and the routine, becomes the status quo for me, Rico,
With buckets of hope, but barely able to cope with a world living in fear, not of terrorism, but of the fear of terrorism.

Trust is but a purchased commodity, when outside of the family, but not for me, I’m alone out here,

in 2003, I felt so full of love and hope, for my own future, and now, despite following the steps, I’m still not an Author, or a Producer, or any other,
Type of Jobs that will let me pave a way, to make a change to the world of today, for the generation of tomorrow.
Before there’s nothing left to fix, and death replaces sorrow


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