The Real Identity of Anonymous

If a broken system, is directly responsible for even one death, than surely that system is no longer viable, as human life must come before politics, every time?

In a time where the Internet is absolute, celebrities have more money than monarchy, and our broken social systems are starting to show their cracks from the wear and tear of the time that’s passed, there is no denying a character, or more accurately, an ideal like Anonymous.
Anonymous was established on 4CHAN, a chat site style website and started his slow climb to infamy by simply voiced disgust and frustration at issues taking place in todays world. These quickly garnered a following by like-minded individuals, allowing the movement to advance to actually attacking online websites and systems using Internet traffic. In the wake of these Internet attacks Anonymous procured some new members; people able to hack. With more power and a purposeful approach they began to shed light on what they considered the darkest corners of society.
It’s no secret to anyone with access to the Internet that government power has become a shady ordeal full of misdirection and false promises, and it has begun to feel like what society considers the weakest of people are slowly being filtered out of the picture.
Anonymous isn’t one person, Anonymous’ identity is the discontentment in all of us, put into action. Praise to Anonymous for actively trying to bring about change, because it’s naïve to think that, as creatures of habit, we won’t hold on to a redundant and sometimes fatal way of life for as long possible.
And to think that protests can’t be ignored if the fire of determination isn’t constant.
Our words, our cries, are not being heard. Maybe our actions will?


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