Hype x SpongeBob Squarepants Launch London

The Hype x SpongeBob Launch Party was, in many ways, exactly what I expected. And that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

 6tag_131115-200613 (1) FB_20151113_01_50_53_Saved_Picture

I wasn’t sure I was going to Hype’s SpongeBob Squarepants collaboration launch until two days before; me and a few of my closest here in London were throwing around plans, but this was a common practice and rarely came to fruition.
My way of communication without interrogation, when trying to convince people to accompany me on certain events, is to tag them in various posts made on Facebook that I thought would entice them enough to make the effort. It was David, who spurred us into action by actually responding to one of the many not-so-subtly curated posts I tagged him in. And so, after a brief but enthusiastic conversation the wheels were in motion and an opportunity to break out of my somewhat reclusive routine had arisen. The reality of it however, was a little less of an achievement than I had originally envisioned.
When making social plans during the weekday evenings I tend to forget to consider the other days in the week, assuming they’d all line into perfectly routine and uneventful pockets of time flanking whatever soul saving event that manages to drag me out of the weekday stupor that is occasionally called ‘Life,’ When really, quite often as my luck would have it, the rectangular boxes of the weekday routine had become jagged and misshapen due to momentary wanting, that, almost too convincingly, disguises as need.

4pm found me at a Central London apartment, getting re-acquainted with someone I knew from what felt like another time entirely, lazily contemplating time and my lack of will to move from the bright glare of the TV playing my daily dose of desperately needed American Drama.

This temporary regression was responsible for my late arrival to Hype, in Boxpark, Shoreditch and I arrived having missed the goodie bags and the free bottles of Brothers cider, but the music courtesy of Shorebitch DJ, ‘7OEL’ was still intact and after meeting David, procuring two awful bottles of Rosé wine and finishing them in less than 10 minutes, and returning to the Hype store before being led the official afterparty at XOYO located 5mins away from Old Street St, we made the transition from day to night and drank in the bass that resonated from the soundsystem whilst the sweat poured off my face and back, my punishment for refusing to take a break from relinquishing my suspended emotions, by dancing, and dancing hard.

I left at midnight, feeling resolved, and smug that I stuck it out, despite losing out on the free stuff which had actually become inconsequential.

The night was great, and I did get to see the collection, it was pretty much what you would imagine it to be, tying logo graphics with hinting SpongeBob colours in various hat styles, all over SpongeBob mural T-shirts digitally printed on high quality fabrics and jackets lined with an all over SpongeBob print.
but for me, the whole launch was erased by the afterparty.


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