ISIS launches a coordinated attack on Paris to avenge the Airbombing of Syrian Millitants. And everyone misses the point.

The tragedy that befell Paris, resulting in approximately 127 slaughtered, is one that the entire world has rallied to show it’s support. For France and for the families and friends of those that have been erased from the world like a period in the middle of a sentence. Cruel and senseless killings on individuals to send a message to the people in power, that they are actually rather powerless.
While everyone takes to social media to post sympathetic statuses and past pictures of primarily themselves visiting one of the many sites of historical merit, next to small messages or, (my personal favourite) the hashtag ‘#PrayForParis,’ my mind is left wondering two questions. Firstly, is the only difference between this and a similar act of aggression, done by another group of hate and resent driven Activists/Terrorists, the ease and accessibility of information we now are privy to? We no longer receive the details of world news through the carefully chosen wording and heavily edited stories through the upper echelon of the print press, and information has never been so quick to obtain in it’s raw form, and because of this, crimes and acts that once seemed bearable (with the help of heavy censorship and vague language on content by news platforms) are now seen in full and are deemed more horrific than ever before, when really it’s just the fact we’ve been allowed to see the uncensored horror in it’s purest form.
Lastly, Why are we doomed to repeat cycles of violence, when we know that violence only perpetuates violence? In a time where imagination has a potential to be realised, like no other century, can we not find a answer to the question without loss of life. Why can’t the people of the UK use apps on their mobile devices to vote on the suitable plan of action. especially as decisions like this could result in consequences that may have a direct impact of their health, safety and security.

We must remember that while ISIS have done countless devastatingly cruel, savage and unforgivable acts, ISIS wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for Western Civilisation. it’s often said that to solve a problem, you must find the root of it. I wonder why this seems to be overlooked so frequently in politics and media.

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 07.49.33

Pictures from an article titled: Paris Attacks: ISIS published on Sunday the 15th
of November 2015 by Tom Parfitt


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