BFI Finally Throw Young People a Bone. £3 Tickets to Screenings for 25 and Under. #BFI25andUnder

Although I’d experienced the joy of turning up 45 minutes before a showing and being able to buy a ticket at the fraction of the normal price due to my unusual glimmer of good luck during the BFI Film Festival, (during the premiere of the witch, where we were all -me and 3 of my mates- were given free tickets to the showing and the Q&A session with the director Robert Eggers himself) I discovered the BFI 25 and Under scheme through a colleague of mine’s suggestion. Slightly more of a film fanatic than me, he’d found details of the Launch party online and spread the word amongst only his most trusted ‘film buff brothers,’ free alcohol and networking for dummies goldmine for the film industry.
So, right there and then we grabbed the tickets via EventBrite and nearly forgot about it altogether. Until the notification popped up on my calendar.
On the day in question, my contactless card rebelled on me, having gone £100 over and refused to let me board any form of public transport although, I had received my expenses back from London360, so I had £10 left. I bought an oyster for £5, topped up £5 and caught the 59 bus to Waterloo
The queue was long and the wait was lonely, arriving at different times I was separated from the people I knew and surrounded by boldly dressed characters in their packs, prowling the halls with hunger in their eyes examining each person queued for the best chance at employment or the best option for collaboration based on their style choices.
The event did what it said, but I felt the title of networking event and the fact that we were constantly reminded to do so, added an intense pressure to assimilate and use my powers of perception to wrangle a Creative Director or an Editor with full knowledge of applying after effects.. But alas, I broke under the weight of the pressure and the alcohol, and may have come across too quirky, resulting in the conversation being a subtle balance between forced and uncomfortable.
although I organically met a few interesting seeds in the soil, I left the BFI Launch Party feeling broke and fraudulent.

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