The Backwards Priorities Of The Metro Newspaper

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 13.29.01 Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 13.29.13

It’s no secret that the metro, along with other free newspapers available on the commute to and from work in London are obsessed with showbiz news and political issues, but today, when I read through the metro, I was perturbed at the minuscule paragraph given to the issues, which, in my opinion, should be the two most focal stories this morning.
One story tells us about the transgender woman who was beaten to death by her ‘bodybuilder boyfriend’ while he excuses himself by saying ‘It’s like she didn’t take me seriously’ While another story recounts the carer that let her autistic adult patient drown, while texting the boy she attended a date with the previous night.
When reading these two story shoved into the top left of page 4 in a box with 2 other stories, I have to ask myself, does the media see transgender people and people with disabilities as sub-human. If not, why is there only a sliver of a page dedicated to the two humans who lost their lives to the carelessness or violence of another human. Does this give an insight to the larger problems in todays media, or maybe even the reluctance to address issues that we deem as uncomfortable, despite the fact that exposure to this news could be the very thing that changes the dialogue on these events?


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