Six ways Darcus Beese’s A&R sidekicks, Benny Scarrs and Alex Boateng, Climbed Their Way to the Upper Rungs of Island Records.

1.Djing is a great way to broaden, your musical horizons, and allows you to get a feel of what your audience wants.
Alex Boateng starting DJing at various places in London and got his first slice of recognition after his Split Mics mixtape.

Surround yourself with the music and artists you love throughScreen Shot 2015-11-14 at 12.32.38out your life, even in university and college, and never stray from your own tastes. Alex surrounded himself with inspiring musicians which helped fuel his musical passions

It’s never too early to get to grips with your industry in a business setting.
Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 12.32.53Alex started his first marketing company while at university and incidentally, his first role at Island Records was in the Marketing department

We all need to earn money, but that isn’t always easy if you’re looking to get into the music industry. Benny Scarrs kept his money up by teaching music production on the side, and working as a mailman for the post office every morning to finance his life while he was on the slow incline to where he is now.
Benny was working in the studios on his own music from the age of 13, And it was largely his love for the production side of music that got him where he is now.

Get Out There!
Benny, like Alex Boateng, immersed himself with the opportunities around him, however small. He kick started his endeavour in the music industry by flyering for the Jump Off


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