SBTV Presenter Aaron Roach Bridgeman: The man with the smile that will melt your heart and require you bring a change of underwear.

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When I first caught a good glimpse of Aaron, I was instantaneously silenced, chatter died down and I scrambled to get the camera operating on my phone so I could immortalize his smile forever in the Twittershere. While managing to stay composed, during his Masterclass (which was a art in itself) I noticed that a lot of the people that have come face to face with him that have appeared to react the same way. Stars including Nicki Minaj and Kelly Rowland can be seen leaning off his arm, smiles in tow. Still, it didn’t take long for me to see why Aaron has a had a slow but steady rise to success, his enigmatic, energetic personality with a humble and sometimes shy glimmer that occasionally shone through. It’s not just looks that are responsible for Aarons success, His ability to learn from his mistakes and to self evaluate as he goes has proved invaluable, and the ability to see his self worth has evidently been responsible for his sudden change in gear as he now works for SBTV and also is currently working in the production of Sky One show ‘What’s Up?!’ which is due out in February/March

4 Things you may not know about ‘Baby Face’ Aaron Roach Bridgeman.

  1. Early on in his Journey, Aaron was into music but along the line, his Music group merged with a gang, which resulted in strife in Aarons life
  2. Aaron was extremely bright, He received 11 GCSE’s and did even better in his A Levels
  1. One of his main turning points was when his grandmother passed away, and he decided there and then that he didn’t want a normal career and he was going to develop himself in media
  1. Aarons future plans include; Working with difficult youth in the UK, trying for opportunities in America to overcome the glass ceiling we have in England and working on some radio.
    But personally I’d rather see him on the screen than off!

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