Bianca Acca’s Concise Journey from the ass of an ass, to MTV International Talent Director engaging talent on several different platforms

Bianca knew she wanted to be a presenter or an actor at 15 years old!!

At 17 she landed a role on a Trouble TV Show, The T-Spot, and ended up being the back end of a donkey in a play.
But during this opportunity she met a guy and asked for work experience, she immediately got a job as a runner.

At Royal Holloway she studied Media arts
Upon leaving study, she tirelessly worked at Sanctuary.
Bianca started temporary work through an agency with ‘Handle’ and various other different agencies

Bianca ended up at Warner in A&R, again doing temporary work. After moving into artist relations as a temp, realized a permanent role wasn’t available there, but got offered an interview for role at MTV and was offered the job.
while at MTV she took over MTV News as well as MTV Talent and is now, after 9/10 years, the director of MTV Talent.

She also now works with MTV Push, a campaign to promote new music on MTV to be able to progress MTV.


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