Our Cloak and Dagger Government

As a young adult living in London under today’s Conservative government, I feel like something has to be said.
It’s hard enough coming from a low-income background (due to the fact she had to stay home and look after my severely autistic younger brother so claimed benefits) in which politics were not really discussed and being a child of immigration, as my mother was born in West Germany, to understand British politics anyway. The language used seems so elevated that its almost like it’s intended to thwart anyone who is below the age of 25 and didn’t get a private school education and the issue talked about are never really the core issues of Britain and always fail to dig a little deeper to unearth the fact that in a rapidly changing world, the way things are currently done are almost moot.
However under the Conservative government it feels like things have gotten a little harder to follow; Things have shifted and now the whole business is a little too ‘cloak and dagger,’ Changing the things we need to stay the same, and keeping the antiquated systems that need to change, blatantly disregarded and avoided questions that are important to the people of Britain they be answered. Like Jeremy Corbyn and David Cameron’s stand off today in the House of Commons in which David can me seen, skirting around a direct answer to the tax credit cuts question given to him in order to protect himself from backlash later when he goes against what he said. Instead we have to rely on the mostly biased depictions of newspapers and publications to break it down for us, often imbuing us with a slight bias ourselves.
From what I’ve seen of the current government, there is no transparency regarding matters of the actual people of England, Scotland and Northern Island, and our democracy is a sham and the only thing we seem to be able to vote on as the people that make up this country that has any merit is the general election using FPTP voting system that is outdated and allows for a huge separation between seats for each party despite the close proximity of total votes.
But the question I need answering the most I guess, is how do we change a system we no longer believe in. Do we leave the UK, or do we leave the past and try and think of a new way to govern this country.
The only consolation I can see is that the younger generation seem to be getting better at separating all the rubbish and spin from media and politics and can plainly see that something must be done. And because of that I have significantly more hope for the future of this country than I do for the present.


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