Alone and Crazy; Surviving London as an Estranged Black Gay Male with Psychosis

  1. Be prepared to bend the rules as far as they will go
    The world won’t play by our rules so why play to theirs, you have to give yourself a break.
  1. Go to college and university.
    The student loan you will receive for those 3 or 4 years could completely change your quality of life, and teach you how to become goal focused, which is a big help when you’re suffering with psychotic symptoms. You’ll leave University, not only educated, but a lot more in control of your life. Plus, the auditory or visual hallucinations can go with time and treatment. The last thing you want is to be stuck in life when that happens.
  1. Headphones and loud music is your best friend on public transport

It will help drown out your own auditory hallucinations and other people’s voices too.

  1. Join a few clinical trials
    you can earn up to around £300 for surveys and scans per study just for participation and receive medical care that will rival going private.
  1. Friends are your new family
    Time around actively talkative people will distract you from the hallucinations entirely,.
  1. 6. Find a way to express the way you feel everyday.
    Whether by dancing, singing or even the crazy way you couple your clothes when you dress in the morning. It will help you more than I can say. I was angry, all the time until I started putting that anger into healthy expressions. Now I’m possibly the most lax person you could meet.

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