60 Seconds with Rosa Doherty, writer for Huffington Post, and The Jewish Chronicle, and Blog Superstar as Lily Lovelett.

Most frustrating thing to happen at work?:
‘People that refuse to speak to you about the subject, and having to find ways around it’
What do you prioritizes in your life?:
‘The thing that pays my bills! Anything not making me money is not crucial’

Any tips for getting paid a regular wage as a freelance journalist?
‘Know what the editors want, send full stories, pictures need to be interesting and you must be persistent without being annoying’

What are your thoughts on freelance?
‘They’re brave people! But it’s much easier to do once you’re established’
What are writers roughly paid?
‘£200 – £450 per article’

What do you spend your spare time doing?
‘I watch documentaries surrounding my interests but not as intensely, I also love American TV shows. WATCH Power!!!!’

What are your typical hours?
‘I arrive in the office around 8.30am and have breakfast while I check my email. My day can last anything from 5.30pm to 8.45pm before I head home. I do get a social life though!’

What can’t you live without?
‘TEA!! And friends and family but definitely tea!’


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